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Some problems are of the manufacturers own making though. A few years ago I decided my next TV was going to be a 50" Plasma, I currently owned a 32" Panasonic LCD, so started looking around at the Pana 50"'s. The current model was getting a few criticisms about banding etc, and Panasonic were saying it's all ok etc. I ended up buying the 50" LG from "Richer Sounds" and even though its not as good as the Panasonic it was nearly 500 cheaper and with a 5 year warranty. At the time the Panasonic just didn't justify the additional outlay. If Panasonic had admitted there was a problem and would rectify it, if it occurred with your set, then no problem but they didn't. So they lost a customer ( I have quite a few Panasonic items)
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