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This probably isn't the right place as I started in 2012 but ive lost 5 stone/70 lbs in the past year. Finally down to a healthy weight. Ive had a few fluctuations of my weight both ways recently but ive been able to control and maintain it so far.

So yeh, can be done. Took a lot of determination and self control though! But im much happier now and its much better than how it was affecting my life before.

Oh and I didn't join a gym to do it. Did it all at home/outside. So cost me next to nothing. But like I said... really hard work. Basically I made myself excersise/stretch/run for at least 20 mins about 6 days a week. Stopped snacking or eating fatty foods (you know what I mean) and I never weighed myself. Only once at the beginning, and then again after about 4 months. I knew I was losing weight anyway so didn't feel the need to weigh myself and stress out over not seeing results
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