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As if this parallel between James Bond and Doctor Who were not enough, there seems to be another: while Baker threatened to quit the role of The Doctor earlier in his tenure, but was persuaded to stay by Graham Williams and then Philip Hinchcliffe, before being permitted to leave by John Nathan Turner...Moore intended to leave the role of 007 after "Moonraker" (1979) but was lured back into the role in "For Your Eyes Only" by a salary increase (as well as having no choice but to stay, due to Timothy Dalton declining to succeed Moore this early on, due to fears as to what the script and direction would be like), and then persuaded to stay on for "Octopussy" (1983) due to the unofficial Bond film "Never Say Never Again" (with Connery) looming on the horizon, and being planned for release in the same year, leading to a 'Battle of the Bonds' as the press described it.

But once "Octopussy" had outgrossed "For Your Eyes Only" and "Never Say Never Again", Moore should have flatly
refused to act in "A View To A Kill", given the ages of the women he did love scenes with - what a crime he did not.

Moore admits he soldiered on too long - but the fault doesn't lie with him. If they couldn't find an actor to take over for the right terms or money, then the producers had no choice but to keep asking Moore back.
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