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No, I don't think she did.

Well I didn't know Brian had remarried - his wife is very pretty and looks classy, what on earth is she doing with him? I know Kerry has done terrible things but I think I dislike Brian more than her. He seems absolutely vile.
She did give birth on her show, trust me the sight of a gurning Kerry on gas and air is a sight you don't forget in a hurry!

As to how often Brian sees the kids? I don't know. Just because he doesn't make a song and dance whenever he does see them doesn't mean it doesn't happen. We have Kerry's word he sees them on holidays and alt Christmas but that story changes depending on her mood. We know he went for custody but he never got it. I don't agree with him moving so far away from his children but like I say we don't know how often he sees them to make a judgement. I am certainly not taking Kerry's version of events as gospel. The woman is a proven liar!
I agree with Brian. The kids should never have been used in the shows or on the numerous photo shoots Kerry has did with them. I know for a while he did have something in place to stop the girls being used, because their faces were pixelated if they appeared on camera and they did not appear in photo shoots. And Kerry herself confirmed this. But it didn't last.

The eldest little girl is at boarding school now.
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