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Those poor, poor, poor kids Stuck with a deadbeat Dad who couldn't give 2 hoots unless he's getting his fat mug in the papers, and a useless, feckless, habitual liar of a Mother who thinks that spending their formative years locked in the bog with a mountain of charlie and 15 litres of Diamond White is acceptable parenting.

The other 2 poor mites don't fare much better either - stuck with the useless Mother and a Father who squandered millions of his wife's fortune cos she was too blitzed to notice.

Sickening. I have no idea why social services have never intervened.
I know. 4 kids and not a half decent parent between them.

Problem is, they were 2 kids playing at being grown ups and they appeared to have no idea what the reality of marriage and kids meant when they took their vows.

Still, I'm sure it won't be long before they've got another few half siblings to join the parade
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