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McFadden - every single time he opens his mouth - comes across as a hypocritical, charmless, arrogant, selfish, spiteful, publicity seeker.

IMO he isn't interested in his children in the slightest.

Apart from complaining about his children appearing on TV, he also claims that he only communicates via the children's" 24 hrs a day Nanny."

The stinging rebuke from Katona's management is as correct as it is cutting about him, part of which is below :-

However Briain's claim has been refuted by Kerry's spokesperson,: 'Kerry's children do not have a nanny with them 24 hours a day except occasionally when Kerry is away working overnight.

'Unfortunately I can't comment on Brian's views on his children being filmed. He hasn't been heavily involved in any decision making on their upbringing as he hasn't been in the country, was rarely in touch generally and did not contribute financially to their welfare in terms of maintenance.

'It's interesting that these comments coincide with Brian being here on tour as a support act and needing to try and generate some sort of profile. I find it sad he chooses to do it in this way. '
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