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Hi Buffy Anne and welcome. Yes, it is the car crash factor that keeps most of us reluctantly reading her drivel. Her supporters (though dwindling in numbers by the day) have only one mantra when responding to criticisms "If you don't like it don't read it...." but we read it out of sheer disbelief, thinking that there must be an end to all this madness, that surely she can't be repeating the same four themes (sick/neglected animals, ficticious boyfriend, money - loads of it/none of it, cruel locals). I skim read all her articles now so I doen't waste much time on her but just like sitting through a long boring badly acted film you don't want to leave before it's finished, just in case there is a twist you didn't see coming - we can only hope.
Thanks for the welcome! This thread has kept me entertained many a time, so I suppose in a very twisted way Liz Jones' ramblings do serve a purpose.

I agree with everything you say about LJ and her supporters. It all beggars belief, it really does.
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