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How pathetic you are.
Do you not think other people beside people from London have the same issues about getting home.

And why should he give a free concert.?? Don't understand this statement he came on he sang.!
If people are taking young people on school nights and not thought ahead of this who are to blame.
Things don't always go smoothly
As I said before.......the problem is getting home if a concert overruns the stated finish time. Most people plan ahead as to which train to catch and what is the last train they can catch before they are stranded! A concert finishing very late means that many are left with the choice of leaving early or trying to find a hotel for the night (which can cost a lot of money and be difficult to find very late at night.). Many would have had to get from Greenwich (along with thousands of others) in order to get to the main rail termini (including having to travel across London) and possibly have to connect with more public transport at their destination. A worrying prospect for many!
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