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My Dad works at the SECC in Glasgow, and last week One Direction were there for two nights. For their second sound check my dad invited my six year old Niece and her friends down to watch. They were going to the show that night so came down early. I took them down and was a little concerned that the boys wouldn't be nice to my Niece and her friends, but as soon as they were done with sound check then came to the side of the stage and took pictures. All of them but Liam who was doing some sort of radio interview on his phone. They spend about five minutes chatting to them and couldn't have been nicer.

Because my Niece and her friends we're early for the show they stayed backstage where my dad was working. There they bumped into Louis and Harry again as they were walking around and had another chat with them. Louis is my Nieces fav and made an extra fuss over her. As I said I was expecting them to be five little brats, but they really did surprise me.
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