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I'm the first to say that i really did not like Kerry when she was with Mark Croft and doing those reality shows on MTV-i actually thought at the time that social services should of been involved with those poor children but i have to take my hat off to her she's completley changed her life around-its not easy been an recovering addict and despite what i think of her during those awful drug controlled days i am so pleased for her that shes sorted herself out drug wise and mood wise,stopped doing the reality shows and is bringing her children up on her own without the fathers been about,i know she has nannies,i know shes a mouthy girl but compared to how awkward Katie Price seems around her kids i think Kerry is ok,i've changed my mind about her parenting completely,i think those children are as happy as can be and you can't ask for more than that,why keep bashing her for her past-it was horrendous and she didn't deserve to have those lovely kids BUT its the past and shes sorted herself out IMO of course and i know i'm in the minority haha!

ps i didnt mean that Katie was a bad mum either i just think she looks awkward round her kids sometime that's all where Kerry on tv will run and hug and tickle the kids-i know it means nothing but its just how others-well me see the interaction with their children!

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