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My favourite Peter Greenaway, in fact one of my all-time favourite films, is Drowning By Numbers, his 1988 film. Unfortunately it's been far more overshadowed these days by CTWL, partly I think because DBN turned a lot more people than previously on to the Greenaway ethic and style, and so CTWL subsequently came to greater notice on the world media stage; backed financially as it was, and hence promoted more widely, by bigger entities (and thusly still in more immediately accessible circulation today).

The 'action' of CTWL seems much more 'confined' to its unabashed edificial setting and, from what I recall of my viewing many years ago, this became rather tedious once the obligatory 'shock factor' elements were established and bedded in. Drowning is a much more visually dynamic, changeable and thusly (IMHO) consistently engaging work on the whole.

I seem to recall also that CTWL opens with someone being supposedly force-fed shit, but being handed by the politely brusque Gambon what are obviously in reality sandwich beef slices. Although Mirren's climactic line 'Try the cock, Albert - it's a delicacy' will probably be positively imprinted on my mind, for decidedly non-cannibalistic reasons as a burgeoning gayster, forevermore
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