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The progression of JB would be laughable if it wasn't so frighteningly representative of the future. Image is created, internet is exploited to push it globally outside the confines of American media, predicted target audience rolls over and wags tails and half-stick tongues out of corner of mouth.
I also feel sorry for the performers in a way because as soon as their popularity starts to wane then they're dumped and left unsupported with no help about what to do with their futures or they're given really bad advice as this article shows:

One former boy band member who knows this all too well is Lee Ryan from Blue. ‘Financially you just can’t ever relax,’ says Ryan. ‘I really admire these guys who watch the money because it was something I never did. In Blue I had the flash cars, the designer gear, the great flat. When we split in 2005 I was advised to put the few hundreds of thousands I had left into property and it just tanked. ‘Boys in boy bands can be total mugs. I was. It doesn’t last long and you have to make the most of every opportunity because tomorrow you wake up and it’s over.’
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