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Kerry is a crap Mother who has depended on Nannies to bring up her kids as she is too selfish to just be a normal Mum. Let's all forget she took Cocaine while pregnant on her two kids with Croft and let her poor Nanny mind her four kids everyday.
We all saw the real Kerry on her reality show when she wasn't being minded/coached/groomed/babysat daily by her management and told what to say how to speak and how to act like she is now, like a chavvy robot with bad hair.

Brian is a fat useless lazy pig of a part time Dad who never wanted those girls in the first place. They both sicken me in different ways. I do believe Brian is very jealous of Kerry though and I would say is so angry at her fame when he is probably broke and is a waste of space.

Her fame I can never understand though, how is she still on telly? in celeb magazines, she is utter trash.
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