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Most people don't have their every mistake jumped on the way Helen Flanagan does. The Daily Mail seem to have a vendetta against her almost approaching its feud with the BBC in its ferocity. And most of her mistakes amount to almost nothing really.
I do agree with the person who said there seems to be a vendetta against her. Celebs have supported peta have worn leather, not so long ago celebs were saying things about guns, nothing was said. They just seem to pick on her.
If she doesn't want the media to pounce, then perhaps she should stop Tweeting pictures of herself doing stupid things? And who are the other celebs who were ''saying things about guns''?

This this this.

The girl liked a damn photo! And then she went out for the night with money she earned!
What ''money she earned''? I expect all her money from IAC has been eaten up by buying Chanel handbags. I'd imagine any money she's using now is her footballer boyfriend's.

Far from being a dimwit I think someone is advising her to act in this ditsy way to get the column inches and...guess's working!
Making a big thing of wearing a PETA T shirt and then tweeting a picture of er lunch with a cleverly positioned leather bag centre stage ..that is engineered, mark my words
I really don't believe she's that clever. She's a girl who's acted a ditsy role and is really no different in everyday life. I think she just acts first and thinks aft........oh wait. She doesn't think at all.
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