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His films are always visual treats and 'Cook' is possibly is easiest to digest and a gr8 'starter' before delving into his other works. Drowning By Numbers was my fav too.

The scene that really made my skin crawl was the poor k.p/choirboy getting his belly button cut off! Gross!

I'm behind the times as I havent seen anything post Baby Of Macon. The scene where the woman was degraded put me off a bit.

I've had the pleasure of opening the main door to the BFI and Greenaway (+ 4 lackies/friends)walking right thru me, literally pushing me aside! It was at an exhibition/installation (featuring Greenaway & Ridley Scott). They were all dressed head to toe in black, with long black coats and all wearing sunglasses, it all looked very 'highbrow European art'! Needless to say, I didn't ask for an autograph!
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