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James Randi's gay? Well there's something I didn't know.

I guess the subject never comes up whenever he guests on some of the skeptic podcasts I listen to.

Also, he's not obviously gay either, the same as a great many people who just get on with their lives without causing society to implode on itself - although you wouldn't think that the way some anti-gay ranters go on...
Here's the brief note he made on JREF:

But...come on...with *that* beard...he had to be gay!

Most people close to him knew but of course it wasn't something anyone was bothered saying to anyone else etc...a bit like someone knowing i just go for redheads...friends know that but don't broadcast it...but I've 'come out' as a 'ginger chaser' so there you go! Bonnie Langford...phwoar...
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