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And I wonder if Liz sought permission from her friend Issy's friend, to recount her deeply personal story about the death of her father? (...which incidentally had absolutely nothing to do with the content of the Diary; it seemed to be just inserted to add a bit of "depth" by bringing in someone else's loss and grief).
Have a look at the recent Diary comments, the daughter who recently lost her father and told a very touching and private tale to Liz's 'friend' Issy is justifiably upset at having the story used in the Diary without her permission and her privacy violated. This is not the first time Liz has used innocent people as column fodder with scant regard to their identities being easily recognised, indeed one slanderous story is being investigated by the PCC. Liz should stick to her make-believe 'friends' and 'boyfriends'. I hope this lady makes an official complaint.
Oh that's just dreadful. Shame on Liz. Every time she hi-jacks someone else's tragedy for her own column, she completely forgets that that person is real, with real feelings. Just imagine how that poor lady must be feeling. Shocking.
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