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Yes, because everything is for "profile" isn't it ?. There's no logical reason why she would deliberately subject herself to another round of abuse on twitter and snidey articles in the paper.

Anyway, sounds like it's getting to her ..
I'm still solidly in the 'terminally clueless' corner and while I do think the media is being quite ridiculous bothering about her, she does need to get a grip and stop acting like a baby. She's 22 yrs old and her ignorance is coming across as willfulness. That response of hers re PETA shows yet again how woefully ill-informed she is and I can really understand why people are losing patience with her.

If she has some type of management, why don't they explain to her the PETA issue with skins, rather than let her babble on idiotically about 'leather' being cruelty-free and digging another big hole for herself.

I know she's harmless and means no ill-will to anyone but enough.
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