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I'm still solidly in the 'terminally clueless' corner and while I do think the media is being quite ridiculous bothering about her, she does need to get a grip and stop acting like a baby. She's 22 yrs old and her ignorance is coming across as willfulness. That response of hers re PETA shows yet again how woefully ill-informed she is and I can really understand why people are losing patience with her..
The media do need to leave her alone, but really because she's just not very interesting. If she does have management, and her behaviour to date suggests she doesn't, they would certainly be best advised to tell her to withdraw from the limelight for a while.

Get her to leave her Twitter account alone, maybe stay in when she wants to go out - stuff like that. Just have a quiet life for a few months and let the likes of the DM and The Sun turn their focus to someone else.
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