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I thought Skyfall was a bit silly really, right from the opening sequence, where hes chasing a guy and he hop's on a motorbike and oh thats handy the keys are in it....then he's on a train and somehow gets inside a JCB, which I'm pretty sure would be locked when in transit on a train, and then low and behold the keys are in it.....then he gets shot off the roof of the train and falls about 200ft into a river and survives...(ok so there wouldnt be much film left if he died 5 mins in but c'mon!)

Lots of other nonsense too...the tube coming through the tunnel into the sewer, Bardem's Hair, the scooby doo section leading up to the finale where they concoct booby traps from bellends, Bond and M jumping into the silver Aston and the old style theme tune kicking in making it feel like a daft parody..

The only good thing was Dench dying at the end so we wont have to see her scowling old face anymore.
That's such a coincidence, as I read your review ...the word bellend sprung to mind.
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