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I'm presuming she is Sky's favourite presenter as it seems that everytime I switch on Sky News it seems that she's on duty , usually the studio but if there's a it story she's out on location.

Just don't get it .

She has a way of delivering the news which grates on me personally and doesn't seem that outstanding to me , she hardly smiles and when she does, its a fake one .

She's far from attractive ( take a close look and imagine her without makeup first thing in the morning - yikes !) .

Any theories out there as to why she's the golden girl of Sky and better keep them clean

She isn't always on it's always Lorna Dunkley on afternoons when I see it and she doesn't do any other slot except Christmas Day morning so how is she always on.

To the person who said she is on LBC she did a one off show at Christmas.
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