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I have posted this elsewhere, but I hope it will be of interest.

I'm trying to puzzle out what the BBC will do. My thinking is it has to start on 23 March to fit it all in. We have been told the following (some things more certain than others):

- More blind audition shows than the 4 last year (implying more battle shows than the 2 last year)
- "Between 15 and 20" contestants per team initially (up from 10 last year)
- New feature: 'steals' at the battle stage (up to 4 losing contestants saved by rival coaches)
- New knockout round after the battles, whittling 28 down to 12 to go through to the live shows
- First live show starts on 8 June (night of BGT final)
- Only three live shows

Here is how I think it might pan out:
- 6 x blind audition shows from 23 March to 27 April inclusive, with 60 picked by the coaches. This is an average of 10 per show, which was how many were picked last year (40 in 4 audition shows)
- 3 x battle shows from 4 to 18 May inclusive. Over 3 weeks, not two shows crammed into a weekend like last year (they feared a US-style ratings slump at the battle stage, but the steal twist should keep interest up and it was the live shows that turned out to be the real problem). 12 battles per show, 12 eliminated each week: 60 to 48 to 36 to 24. Plus four steals (if all are used) = 28 left.
- 2 x knockout rounds on 25 May and 1 June. 8 eliminated each week, leaving 12 to progress to the live shows.
- 3 x live shows. 4 eliminated in each of the first two live shows, leaving 4 for the final on 22 June, a day after the longest day of the year, and two days before midsummer's day.

I've really been thinking about this too hard but it looks OK to me.
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