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No use. You can only use money to grow money if you have the ability to seek greater returns. However, when you have workers who take 20 years to build a railway line, a line that took China 18 months to build, I know as a business where I would rather set up shop. What is needed is not simply some kind of financial chincanery or policy adjustment to rejuvenate the country. What Britain needs is a sea change in attitudes and psyche to work, responsibility and frugality. In short, the protestant work ethic. This is what the government has been trying to achieve, not merely to cure Britain from it's debt hangover. That is merely the symptom. What we have is something much more intractable, we have a disease of the mind.

No, this is just a scam to keep the welfare ponzi running. But Cable should have heard the sound of silence, that's the sound of the music stopping.
You create it out of thin air. Banks do it by the bucket load everyday. The fed is doing it every day this month bar one, the 8th i think it is.

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