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And Sony's Bank in Japan. For the past few years the Bank, Sony Music (incl. Sony/ATV publishing) and Sony Pictures have been keeping the company afloat.

Must be quite soul-destroying seeing all the profit your division has made being swallowed into a great big hole, but Sony are hardly alone amongst companies where that's the case.
Yes, Sony's now a media company which happens to design and market electronic products too. But not necessarily a bad thing - the Beatles music publishing royalties should continue to deliver long after the last of its TVs trundles off the production line.
To its credit, it has made a great success of its media arm whereas Matsushita/Panasonic's acquisition of Universal Studios was a disaster. But like other record companies, Sony was blind to the benefits of digital music as pioneered by Apple, despite owning the content, producing Walkmen and possessing a mobile phone arm.
The PlayStation is a big product for Sony but there are issues for all games consoles in the longer term.
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