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Hmmm, a light hearted series where the characters look like they're enjoying themselves and smile and make jokes as they gallavant around the universe vs ponderings on entropy and other hard maths.
I know which I'd rather watch!
I'm sure the kids watching just want to see a bit of fun, not continue the work they were doing at school that day.

Given that era, that budget and the scale of the show, they were probably right to not take things massively seriously as any time they did could've come off even cheesier.
I disagree. I think Doctor Who was meant to be a scary show, and when you fill a show with gags and pratting about, it can't be scary. That was certainly what attracted me to Doctor Who in the first place, and what left me cold about many of the Williams stories (especially Season 17). City of Death, in particular, would be my vote for most overrated Doctor Who story ever made. I remember when I first saw it and it did nothing for me because it just wasn't scary like the best Doctor Whos are.
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