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Then a lot of people on DS are wrong!

Baiting apart, I LOVE Kinda and there's only really Time Flight I don't get on with in this season, although Four To Doomsday drags a bit for me. Castrovalva is one of my favourite 'intro' stories, as much for the TARDIS scenes and previous Doctor channelling as anything.

Oddly enough I find Earthshock much less impressive these days. At the time I was hugely blown away - the Cybermen were my favourite monsters, and I wasn't that keen on Adric - but when I watch it now I find it good but unspectacular.

I think the Cybermen reveal / Adric's death being shock moments made it more than it is, and without the shock factor it's a lesser episode.

Ok, ok, the first episode's great. Fantastic, mysterious atmosphere. Reminds me a bit of the first episode of Terror Of The Zygons.

It is hardly baiting.

Davo's era was a bit hit and miss for me. One step forward one step back. Season 21 was definately his best, season 20 a mess and 19 up and down.

Still, compared to what followed it was sublime.
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