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Some good points in the second paragraph but really the first has holed your arguement from the off. I've met someone who said they didn't like the Beatles who probably have the most objective claim to being the 'greatest band' because of the sheer range of their material and the large numbers of tunes that people still play, hum and dance to today produced by three songwriters any of which could have supported a half decent band on their own and have all had solo characters of note. - Led Zepelin was a band consisting of four masters of their art and some probably don't like them - and if I was ever to state that everyone loved a band whether they had the guts to admit it or not it would be Abba,none of these are my favourite band that was Nirvana - but some people probably geuninely hate any or all of these bands and such is their right and their taste. Shakespeare was right comparing music to food and music like food is something that everyone has their own unique types that they can't get enough of and they can't bear. I never could get into Interpol as the singer's voice got on my nerves but I would neither dispute their merit or diss the people who loved them.

I liked some The Smiths stuff but to call them undisputed 'the greatest band in the world' is bs - that they are yours is all you say with any credibility.
I thought it was pretty obvious that I was being tongue in cheek. Obviously not.
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