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Nice to see your consistent negativity about all things continues unabated.
Not being negative, just pointing out the facts.

I have used blinkbox in the past and the quality was not that good, it suppose to work on a PS3, but it is a hassle.

If you shop at Tescos and you have a clubcard then maybe it is worth it if you want to sit in front of your computer screen to watch it, but i don't shop at Tescos and I don't have a clubcard.

Tesco is not doing this for the fun of it, they want you to get a clubcard and do some shopping, i bet there is something in the small print saying that if you don't use your clubcard with in a certain amount of time it will be withdrawn.

i know with the Nectar card if you don't use it after a certain amount of time your account is closed.
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