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Well done Martine and I wish you loads of luck!
What are you congratulating her for? Ripping off HMRC, or trying to drum up the sympathy vote by having over-priced extensions...strange.

Sorry for bumping up an old thread but new article about Martine:

Having lunch at Carluccios, isn't that really expensive? Anyway the comments are digging into her.
Carluccio's isn't that expensive, however when you're supposedly skint (obviously celeb 'skint' is different to normal people 'skint', but hey) it wouldn't hurt to keep a low profile and not look like you're sticking 2 fingers up to your creditors. Her and hubby might want to consider down-sizing their house also, 4-5k PER MONTH on rent? Not living within their means there I wouldn't have thought...

ETA - Essex Angel - my Dad used to take me to the one in Bluewater too! I might take Mum tomorrow actually, we are going for a bit of retail therapy down there
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