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not to hijack the thread, but I'm wondering about the kindle fire hd. I've got an ipad 2 atm, and all I use it for is checking the net/fb, emails, and reading books on pdf download (Im a book blogger so get pdfs to review). I've got a kindle keyboard and love it, but he's getting very old and tatty. I much prefer the reading experience on there, so was wondering about going for the fire hd, which does pretty much everything the ipad does for me (i'm not appy-centered!) but does anyone know if you can read/down load pdf's to it? I use bluefire reader at the moment, and the ability to read the pdfs easily is essential for me.
If you plan on keeping the iPad, I'd recommend getting the kindle paperwhite over the kindle fire. You'd already have a tablet and as you said the reading experience is better on an e-ink device. Reading on the kindle fire HD will be the same as reading on your iPad.
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