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Am I the only one here that isn't missing the fact that Hermoine was "made" beautiful by JK by the time the Book 4 Triwizard Yule Ball came around. When Draco hexed Hermoine so her teeth grew even larger than normal, she didn#t just get them fixed. she had them shrunk to regular for want of a better size, even though it was a while before her friends noticed. Remember that moment in the book and movie when Harry notices Hermoine in her dress ansd his jaw drops?

I know Emma Watson never had Hermoine's original appearance but for me it proves she was just as right for the role as anyone else.
I wasn't suggesting that Hermione was not good looking - obviously the teeth shrinking improves her appearance. I just got the impression that she was a bit more average. One of those girls that looks ordinary but can look nice when 'done up'. I don't think we can assume that she was a great beauty just averagely attractive.

Ginny on the other hand is referred to as attractive in the books although of course in the films Emma was better looking than Bonnie. I always imagined Ginny to be more like Karen Gillan than Bonnie Wright (who just wasn't right in the part).
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