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It's like you actually know me!

Thank you though. I think a Nexus is the way forward- like I said her laptop is also rubbish, and while I know it's not a replacement, anything is better than what she currently has and the Nexus does seem more versatile.
I wouldn't instantly assume that any tablet will be better than her current laptop. While there are many great elements to a tablet even at their most advanced what they do is fairly basic compared to a laptop.

Pretty much anything you can do on a tablet even a fairly old laptop can do just as well, if not better and a laptop will do much that a tablet won't do. Tablets atleast at this point work better as a companion to a laptop or desktop rather than a replacement.

Certainly I wouldn't get rid of my iPad but I wouldn't want to try and use it as a catch all device by using it for tasks that its not ideally suited for as it would take it from being a device that's a pleasure to use to one that causes too much frustration
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