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No way Jose! No-one counts how many donuts are in the box by the time I get back - if I'm removed from donut duty, I'll never be able to sneak an extra donut out of the box! Snooping round the magazines saves me 1.60 in donutteryage!

You're're right. Maybe someone drugged my donuts. Here...Krispy Kreme aren't CAN clients are they??

Why do I feel sorry for him? Because I see a 40 year old man not in charge of his own destiny but instead ruled by a quest for z-listery that's slowly warping his life into something Charlie Brooker would write about. Everyone has always paid much attention to the damage KP did to the marriage, no-one really looks at the damage PA did (the were judicial mumblings that they were equally to blame were they not?). Last week we were reminded of a PA quote whereby he said WTTE of 'I knew my career would be over when my marriage ended' - which is basically just another way of saying 'I married her as a career move'. How depressing. And what a wonderful foundation on with to raise children. The silencing and tossing over the back garden fence of blonde model types while holding hands with the presentable middle class girl for the cameras. I don't think P.A is capable of separating his fame ego and his real life and emotions. Like Warren Beatty said in Madonna's documentary "What point is there existing [off camera]?" And that made me feel sorry for him.

It's ok though -I'll probably be back to normal tomorrow! I'm just rambling now haha
Daisy- if you carry on like this we may have to think about staging some kind of intervention.
PA is utterly in charge of his own destiny. I've said it before and I'll say it again,he was a grown man.
HE decided to marry KP - she didn't force him up the aisle at gunpoint.
Not only did he marry her,he chose her to be the mother of his children.
HE decided to employ CAN(and they work for him,not the other way round) and allow them to portray him the way he is.
The point of existing off camera?
He has happy,healthy children,a seemingly close loving family and more money than most of us will see in a lifetime.
If he can't find a point in any of that he needs a bloody good shaking.
Now pull yourself together ffs
*slaps Daisy around the face with a donut till she sees sense*
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