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Well you don't know me, so you don't really know.

I use the PS3 or Wii for Netflix, i don't stream from Lovefilm, my Lovefilm account is only for disks and even if I did I again would use the PS3.

Putting a computer on the TV is hassle, I done it a couple of years back.
Yep, a real pain plugging a base unit into a TV lol unless its ancient and has no VGA or better connector.

Set it up and get yourself a cheap wireless keyboard and mouse and you can surf from the comfort of your favourite armchair or sofa Done this in the lounge, media room and all the bedrooms, blooming marvellous You can plug in a PS3, Wii, Xbox and a PC into a TV you know; we have. Sit there, feet up, glass of wine, some nibbles/fresh fruit/cheese and just chill out while you surf or access a video on the home network.
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