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There's an Insaniac loose in the thread, wrap em up in christmas tree netting and give them a triple dose of fake bake for that jigsaw effect.
You've no idea how much I want to dive into a Christmas tree netting machine. I'd roll around and come out like a air drying salami. In fact, Mr Bennyboots would take me to garden centres in December as he says I'm a liability

One glorious day, it will be possible to look through the TV schedules and find no mention of this pointless person whatsoever.
I hope so,simply because the adverts are annoying. Up to a million people still want to see Katie Price's children though.

Daisy- if you carry on like this we may have to think about staging some kind of intervention.
PA is utterly in charge of his own destiny. I've said it before and I'll say it again,he was a grown man.
HE decided to marry KP - she didn't force him up the aisle at gunpoint.
Not only did he marry her,he chose her to be the mother of his children.
HE decided to employ CAN(and they work for him,not the other way round) and allow them to portray him the way he is.
The point of existing off camera?
He has happy,healthy children,a seemingly close loving family and more money than most of us will see in a lifetime.
If he can't find a point in any of that he needs a bloody good shaking.
Now pull yourself together ffs
*slaps Daisy around the face with a donut till she sees sense*
Oooh! You'll give me sugary chops! I'm laughing now thinking what a Peter Andre style intervention would be like - would you come round my house with a giant net?

Yeah. ^^ That.

No one to blame only himself if his life hasn't panned out quite how he'd like it.
True...but do you get any teeny, tiny vibe that he's living in a self-created Truman show now where he gives the audience what they like and all the film crew are fwiends?

This thread is hilarious. The title should be changed to I HATE PETER ANDRE BUT CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM.

From what i can see your a bunch of middle aged woman who say you can't stand the guy but spend all your time thinking about him and writing about him lol. That is so sad. If you don't like him why do you watch his shows read his columns and pay so much attention to him. Are your own lives really that sad. Ignore him. Or maybe you secretly do like him but don't want to admit it.
No. Where is the law that states you can only have opinions on things you really like? What a scary dystopia that would be. Brrrrr.

Oh you've just given me and idea, thanks.
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