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This thread is hilarious. The title should be changed to I HATE PETER ANDRE BUT CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM.

From what i can see your a bunch of middle aged woman who say you can't stand the guy but spend all your time thinking about him and writing about him lol. That is so sad. If you don't like him why do you watch his shows read his columns and pay so much attention to him. Are your own lives really that sad. Ignore him. Or maybe you secretly do like him but don't want to admit it.
Yeah, it was a sad day in the chaos household when I admitted that I could no longer work, feed them, do housework etc as I was too, too busy posting the occasional comment about showbiz on a website designed for people to post comments, complete with a forum for people to post about about people in the business called show.

I received a PM the other day from DS demanding that I and all the others like me cease and desist from posting in their Showbiz forum, because they want it to be empty and completely un-used. Really, they do.

Finally, although I can imagine there would be an indelible shame attached to admitting a love of an orange, media-whoring man-baby, that is not an affliction I suffer from. But your concern is touching.
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