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It's certainly not a hassle having a pc under the tv. I have mine there which outputs 1080p via Windows Media Centre and have it connected to my server pc which stores films, music videos and mp3's. It's also got a Blu Ray drive. It's not masive or bulky (Scaleo E barebones, which I upgraded).

So for me, I tried the Tesco service only and plays fine via my media pc even with my dire internet connection. Content is limited, but it's early days yet.
Yep, a real pain plugging a base unit into a TV lol unless its ancient and has no VGA or better connector.

Set it up and get yourself a cheap wireless keyboard and mouse and you can surf from the comfort of your favourite armchair or sofa Done this in the lounge, media room and all the bedrooms, blooming marvellous You can plug in a PS3, Wii, Xbox and a PC into a TV you know; we have. Sit there, feet up, glass of wine, some nibbles/fresh fruit/cheese and just chill out while you surf or access a video on the home network.

I already have a wireless keyboard, I got one with a laptop style touch pad on as i got one the last time I had a computer set up on the the TV. My Tv don't have VGA, very few plasmas do or did, maybe they have now. I have got a DVI to HDMI cable.

i don't have a Xbox and don't want one either.

I did all this years ago setting up servers and stuff like that, all I want is a computer that works, I can't be bothered with all the mucking around.
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