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I already have a wireless keyboard, I got one with a laptop style touch pad on as i got one the last time I had a computer set up on the the TV. My Tv don't have VGA, very few plasmas do or did, maybe they have now. I have got a DVI to HDMI cable.

i don't have a Xbox and don't want one either.

I did all this years ago setting up servers and stuff like that, all I want is a computer that works, I can't be bothered with all the mucking around.
You know, I really understand where you are coming from.

With all the advancements we have had with television moving towards streaming services and instant films and TV shows when we want it, sometimes it seems the TV companies have forgotten a bit about television itself. What I mean is, it sometimes seems to be a little too difficult to watch television on an actual television - where it belongs.

It's all very good connecting a computer to a TV set, running a wireless keyboard and all, but it is still a hassle compared to the comfort of a basic remote control. That's the true sofa friendly environment.

I also have a laptop permanently connected to my TV. I need it because some services are just not available on set-top boxes. But I loath the day when I have to switch to that setup. It really is just so much easier to use a proper device with the 10ft experience designed into it's function, and as its sole purpose.

For this reason I can understand your reluctance to use the new Clubcard TV. In fact, I will most likely not use it either much until it reaches other platforms... well, one I already have as I don't intend to buy one just for this service.

But it has nothing to do with the clubcard itself as I will hardly ever use it (a little hint here, I'm not even in the UK ) nor will I worry about spam emails as made sure none of those boxes were ticked. But when I sit down on my sofa, I just have one Harmony remote in my hand that controls everything, and it's not a wireless keyboard.

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