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This thread is hilarious. The title should be changed to I HATE PETER ANDRE BUT CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM.

From what i can see your a bunch of middle aged woman who say you can't stand the guy but spend all your time thinking about him and writing about him lol. That is so sad. If you don't like him why do you watch his shows read his columns and pay so much attention to him. Are your own lives really that sad. Ignore him. Or maybe you secretly do like him but don't want to admit it.
D.A.N.N.Y or should I say C.L.A.R.E. We have been enlightened by the great leader, if you listen to the twelve inch of mysterious girl backwards it tells us to playfully mock the mahogany one as by being ridiculed it will result in the unsuspecting public lavishing sympathy on him. The more we chide and laugh the stronger the Greecey Adonis becomes. We are actually his greatest assets and biggest fans. Either that or it's just people having a bit of fun at a modern day jesters expense.
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