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Hmmm - not so sure if I spend my hard earned cash on a product expensive ( lets say a mobile phone ) or not that says brand XXXXXX on the front I am going to be very disappointed to find that it was built by a Chinese computer board maker !

Or I buy a digital camera with the name of a famous Japanese camera maker on to find that that it is made by a 3rd party make who makes it under many brands and all that changes is the label .

Bit like if it says meat on the packet it should be meat not horse !
You seem to be in a time warp. Surely you realise that vast numbers of well known brands no longer have any connection to the real manufacturer that originally created them. This applies to all consumer goods, including food and clothes, not just electrical or electronic items. In many cases when brand names were sold on they were the most valuable remaining asset of their creator.
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