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DS asks people not to post anything libellous or potentially libellous. DS is not a BI site and doesn't own the BIs or have a specific disclaimer re the nature of BIs. The BI sites are set up specifically as BI sites with clear disclaimers that the content is gossip and makes no claims for accuracy or truthfulness, protecting themselves and staying within the law of their relevant country by never mentioning actual names. Which means that the reader response - where names are mentioned - can only ever be regarded, like the BI itself, as speculative gossip that's covered by the site disclaimers. Whereas if the BI is posted here and someone names names, it could result in problems for DS.

Which is why although many of the BIs are harmless and just a bit of fun, some really are not and involve eg. criminal activity, hence the across the board no-name policy. Otherwise DS would have to be monitoring the thread around the clock.

Suggesting that someone is gay is very different from suggesting that someone is involved in eg. criminal activity, drug dealing, underage sex etc which a lot of eg. CDAN's BIs do.
Thanks. Makes sense.
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