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The question that people need to ask themselves is this - if I were to apply Frankie's jokes on Kate Middleton to an ordinary celebrity, would I consider them to be equally offensive and equally objectionable? If the answer is no, then you are an absolute gobshite. Sorry for my bluntness, and to remind anyone who may object to my branding of 'gobshite', I have not directed it at any forum member - rather I have directed it on a theoretical assumption that it might apply to a reader. Seriously, people need to stop with this ludicrous and childish obsession with the Royal Family. They're just ****ing people. Worship them if you like, but don't expect others to treat them differently.
I don't think wishing death upon a celeb - is big or clever and there was an equal amount of outrage applied to a joke made by Stewart Lee about Richard Hammond - although that had a point to it.

The Queen and Kate Middleton are just people like the rest of us. The fact that people apply a different standard of protection to them suggests an irrational view of them. It is a view of subordination and worship. We have seen time and time again how hysterical the public can be when it comes to the Royal Family. Just look at Kate's tits saga. Why is there a different standard? Why are they worthy of greater protection? It's because to some, they are above everyone else. It's the same sort of leader worship we see in dictatorships. Not that the Royal Family are dictators, of course they aren't, but the mass hysterical worship of them is similar.
Nowhere close - actually and I happen to think it's pretty off what happened to Kate Middleton being photo on a private location, off duty and without her consent - it wouldn't have been any better had it happened to Katie Price - it's not to do with royalty it's to do with the media's treatment of celebrity women and how some paps feel they have carte blanche to invade their privacy at will.

You can disagree with the monarchy and still accept that those within it are people with rights to some privacy.

As for Frankie Boyle - at the end of the day you find funny what you find funny but - he just seems to be being outrageous for the sake of it without succeeding in being amusing (although the pope joke sounded funny) - he's like Ricky Gervais was when he first started - boooooring!
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