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With the name Tysonstorm
Whats my username got to do with this?

whose services included, "Dropping bombs on yo Moms" why am I not suprised.
What does my "services" have to do with this?

If you were a member of the EDF you'd probably find racist jokes hilarious, may even find homophobic jokes hoping 'queers would f'ing die' funny.
I suspect you mean the EDL

Then again I expect you would find such jokes offensive.
I find any jokes funny, if they are funny. Be they intellectual jokes or gutter humour. At the end of the day humour/comedy is subjective.

If I saw a member of the EDL spouting their hate filled views on the street, then that would be offensive however thats a far cry from someone on stage trying to get a rise or a laugh or even a gasp of horror from the audience.
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