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Her continued employment baffles me. Do you think she generates enough hits to be worth her salary? She doesn't generate the sheer numbers of comments to compare with an average Samantha Brick or Shona Sibary article, her writing is increasingly random and contradictory, she does seem to be a laughing stock. Just looking at the ratings on the comments each week on the Dreary show that she is unpopular - when you think how many people read and rate the comments without bothering to comment themselves, all the 'Liz is so fabulous, she wuvs animals, her writing is beautiful and she's so witty' mutterings are the worst rated.

Do you think she has something scandalous on her bosses?

ETA: Hi HumptyLumpty! Welcome
Hi HL and other new posters . I reckon The DM's just hanging on for a Lizard rant about Crufts and Clare Balding (double whammy). CRUFTS, THE KENNEL CLUB AND BALDING - DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED! Liz Jones vents her ire on the disgusting exploitation of inbreeding and gratuitous prostitution of man's best friend. They've probably been putting up with her increasingly bizarre ramblings in the Dreary in preparation for the backlash it will cause if she does submit some barmy hogwash about the annual dogfest and Clare, and how dogs don't enjoy being paraded but should be let off the leash to roam for hours on their tod. And then splatter unfurled cream carpets with mucky water after they've reluctantly padded their way home. Bonkers.
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