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The Queen and Kate Middleton are just people like the rest of us. The fact that people apply a different standard of protection to them suggests an irrational view of them. It is a view of subordination and worship. We have seen time and time again how hysterical the public can be when it comes to the Royal Family. Just look at Kate's tits saga. Why is there a different standard? Why are they worthy of greater protection? It's because to some, they are above everyone else. It's the same sort of leader worship we see in dictatorships. Not that the Royal Family are dictators, of course they aren't, but the mass hysterical worship of them is similar.
She's just another celeb. I felt the same when Adam Hills had a rant at the press on behalf of 'us'.
I couldn't give a flying **** if it was Kate, Katie Price, Charlotte Church....
well... I might give the Charlotte Church pics a look over.
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