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I don't have the figures to hand, but the growth in debt did not change from 1997,it was constant whichever party was in power. You seem to want to make some political point about this, if so then you need to argue with another poster.
Given my distain for all three parties at the minute, an opinion I havent been shy of expressing often on this board, I have no political point to make, they are all a bunch of imbeciles.

You made the claim that from 97' to 2010 the growth was on the back of massive debt increase.

The figures you posted to back this up, showed quite clearly they were relatively static from '92 to 2008 and rose after the banking crash.

So , you either posted the wrong thing to back up your assertion or your assertion was incorrect.

Ad hominem attacks when someone points this out is a bit sly really.
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