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There's a vast difference between saying 'The Queen's so old, her pussy is haunted', which is funny, to wishing her - or anyone for that matter - dead.

Royals, religion, yes, fair game, but there's a big difference between genuine wit about it - Dave Allen, Stanley Baxter for example - and Boyle's rambling verbal diarrhoea.
This is how the big boys do it.
Depends. How are you rating them? Because you like them more than Boyle?
How many threads have you started on those comedians?
How many young people if asked would know of Allen or Baxter? Yet if you ask if they've heard of Frankie Boyle many would probably have heard of him.
He must be doing something right.
He said it, people are going to protest. If he can't stand the heat etc, perhaps he should do as others here have thought he might do, and leave TV and write for other people.

I, for one, would be glad to see the back of him.
Is there anything in the article that said he couldn't stand the heat? I've read that he doesn't like touring and want to write instead of doing standup. Not read that he's retiring from comedy because people are giving him stick.

By the way, If you want to see the back of him then it's up to you not to watch, read or post about him.
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