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Watched it again this week, (I'm 34 by the way) still love it, and it's still not a horror.
It's a horror-comedy, which is a quite common subgenre of horror film. What you mean is that it's not scary, particularly to a horror aficionado. A horror-comedy is still within the horror genre though.

whatever the message it was irritating to watch, i might have enjoyed it more if i was 15 i guess. not really aimed at anyone over 21 is it so cant really complain
Maybe if you were a bit older you might have actually understood it.

This. And age is irrelevant. It was clearly aimed at idiots
Idiots tend to be the ones who are most vocally outraged by it, because they're the only ones who would want to see another generic, cliched film about friends in a cabin getting hacked up by a psychopath. That's not the film they actually got, so idiots react with confusion and anger.
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