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I think she did - well she was supposed to do the Saturday and Sunday support at LCCG for Take That and twice she didn't appear - I went to both and she definitely didn't show. I remember Gary Barlow thanking Gary Go for helping them out of a sticky situation by doing a double set (Gary was TRULY pissed off with GaGa). A couple of the girls I'd gone with on the Saturday were only going to see GaGa so they were a little miffed and left half-way through TT's set (mind you - it was torrential rain on the Saturday so that made it worse for them as well I suppose). I went the next day and The Script had been indeed called in at short notice.

On another matter - how bloody awful is LCCG for a concert venue - one of the WORST venues I've ever been to.

Mind you - TT aren't beyond starting late. I remember one of the Manchester gigs on the BW tour they were delayed by well over an hour and some fans had to leave the MEN early to get home by public transport. We found out later that there had been a small fire backstage (or were told that) I'm not sure though as I'd have thought a fire of any kind would mean evacuating the building altogether.
Yes, The Script did the next day as Gaga for whatever reason didn't appear. I don't think we ever got an explanation? Oh well.

And yes, LCCG is a rubbish music venue. Not as bad as the Sunderland Stadium of Light, that place is HORRIFIC. So many of us had problems with that venue during the Progress tour. I'm dreading TT announcing that they're going open their next tour there, I know they like opening in the north-east, but anywhere but there, please!

Back on topic, I will be very glad when Justine goes back home, sick of hearing about him.
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