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No? AGC seems to agree with me and oddly link to the video I'm talking about as well....

All I am saying, is that she is actually really close to her mom and brother, there are tens and tens of reports of her being really sweet with fans, and she spends lot of time with her co-stars outside of filming. So, most of the blind item material is rubbish in this case. I am not saying, that she may have brushed off a few fans if she has been busy, but she also has been incredibly sweet with them.

In general, I *think* sometimes blinds are created actually because of someone has got their feelings hurt, or is jealous etc. Blind like this IMO is just way too informative to be all accurate, it seems more like one created out of malice than truth. Going all "she should be nicer to her family and friends", makes me doubt the blind, because who would know how someone treats their family and friends in private?
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